Committees: Opportunities for Involvement

Active participation on a Women in Development committee is one of the best ways to make WID your organization. Fill out our online application to volunteer to serve on one of these committees.


Governance & Nominating

The Governance & Nominating Committee is charged with planning for Officer and Board succession, discussing issues around long-range planning and associated recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board, recruiting for Board and Officer positions, and new Board member orientation.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Reviews on an annual basis and updates, as appropriate, Officer, Board Member and Committee Job Descriptions
  • Identifies, interviews and recruits potential candidates for specific Board positions
  • Implements the nomination process
  • Recommends a slate of candidates to the Executive Committee and then a final slate of candidates to the Board for approval
  • Makes formal nominations to the WID membership at the Annual Meeting
  • Conducts exit interviews with outgoing Board Members and prepares report

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications Committee develops and implements strategies to promote WID’s mission and programs to members and the public via the WID website, monthly E-News, social media, communication with outside media, event messaging, and other means. 


Committee Responsibilities

  • Coordinates with WID program, branding, and communication efforts to develop consistent marketing language and leverage communications tools and strategies for the promotion of WID and its membership benefit and to increase membership
  • Oversees and manages the production of the WID website, including enhancements, articles from outside sources, original WIDGB content, and information about future and past programs and events
  • Reviews and collaborates on WID printed, emailed, and posted copy and collateral to ensure consistent brand language and style
  • Compiles all information, writes/designs, and sends monthly WID e-newsletters
  • Collaborates with colleagues on other committees and WIDGB leadership to periodically review and evaluate WID programs and member needs to identify opportunities to enhance WID programs and benefits for development professionals
  • Develops and implements strategies for inclusion of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) to promote WID and its programs.
  • Collaborates with programs team to promote and increase attendance at events, direct photography and event collateral, and serve as a presence at selected events for visibility and recruitment of new members
  • Actively reaches out to the media to promote awareness of WIDGB in Greater Boston



The Membership Committee plans and implements programs to increase member satisfaction and retention.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Creates and implements programs that encourage participation by members at all levels, including, but not limited to the New Member Breakfasts and networking events.
  • Assesses member satisfaction, renewal and retention through surveys and/or focus groups, as needed.
  • Conducts (with the Board) renewal phone/email drives, as needed.
  • Monitors and implements changes to membership structure and benefits to enhance member recruitment.
  • Oversees the creation and modification of membership materials and correspondence sent to new and current members.
  • Focuses on recognition of our members by sending monthly New Member Welcome emails and monthly Job Change Congratulations emails.


The Program Committee coordinates and manages professional development and networking programs offered by WID to its members, including Brown Bag Breakfasts and Lunches that focus on skill-building subjects.  Committee members are actively involved in all aspects of program management, from identifying and recruiting speakers to meeting management.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Suggests topics, recruits speakers, secures locations, and coordinates details for all programs mentioned above
  • Assists the speaker(s) in developing presentation as necessary
  • Produces flyer describing the presentation and speaker to publicize the event
  • Involves Board and committee members as program hosts
  • Considers opportunities to collaborate with other professional organizations and WID committees on programming

Special Projects

From time to time, WID engages in time-limited projects around events, membership, or other issues that require special consideration.  For some of these projects, we seek volunteer assistance from within our membership.  These opportunities vary from year to year. To become involved, or to find out more about these activities, please contact the WID office at, or if you prefer, volunteer online by filling out the committee application form.