Membership Data

For more than thirty-five years WID has played an important role in helping development professionals in the Greater Boston area strengthen their skills, connect with like-minded colleagues, and advance their careers. WID brings together seasoned fundraisers, mid-career professionals, and newcomers to the field through programs, professional networking, and volunteer opportunities. Our members come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, with varied levels of expertise and experience, all of which come together to enrich the WID community.
WID members represent a wide range of fundraising experience – they are newly out of college, transitioning careers, or have been in the fundraising community for their entire careers. Currently, 17% of WID members have five years or less of experience in development, 23% have 6-10 years, 19% have 11-15 years, 12% have 16-20 years, and 20% have more than 20 years of fundraising experience under their belts.
Since its founding in 1980, each year WID welcomes a large number of new members to our community. In 2014, WID welcomed 148 new members.
More than half (55%) of WID’s members identify as senior leadership, while 26% hold mid-level and 14% hold entry-level positions.
WID members represent a wide array of nonprofit organizations, raising funds for many different causes:
  • 25% Higher Education
  • 12% Social/Community Programs
  • 12% Medical Facilities
  • 12% Health Agency, Environmental, Religious, and Research
  • 11% Identify as Other
  • 10% Primary and Secondary Education
  • 10% Consultants
  • 8%   Cultural or Historical Organizations
WID members work across a range of development functions, typically in more than one area of expertise. The top five areas include:
  • Annual Giving
  • Major Gifts
  • Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations
  • Management
  • Donor Relations.
These specialties, listed in your member profiles, help guide WID in creating a range of program topics for brown bag lunches, round table discussions, and annual breakfasts.