Post a job

All job listings and payment should be submitted through the WID website


  • Each listing covers one position
  • Each listing falls into one of four experience levels:
    • 10+ years of experience
    • 5 to 9 years of experience
    • 0-4 years of experience
    • Internships, Part-time and Temporary
  • Maximum limit of 150 words per listing.
  • WID accepts credit card payment.
  • WID reserves the right to edit copy.

Your job listing will be placed on the WID web site within 3 business days of receipt (72 business hours). Job Listing will remain active online for 30 calendar days. Payment for the Job Listing must be made at the time of posting. *Please Note: To qualify for the member rate, the organization for whom the job listing is placed must have a WID member on its staff at the time the ad is listed.

NOTICE: If you plan to pay by check, please contact You will not be able to complete this form until your payment has cleared.