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Complex Gift Conversations: How to Satisfy the Organization and the Donor
March 6, 2018|11:30am-1:30pm|brown bag event
Have you ever found yourself out to coffee or lunch with a donor and the idea of a non-cash gift comes up in conversation? Did you feel confident in broaching the subject both with the donor and back at your shop with…
Working Together: Building Effective Partnerships Between Major Gifts and Prospect Research
March 28, 2018|11:30am-1:30pm|brown bag event
“Studies have shown that the top 20 percent of fundraisers work with prospect researchers twice as often as all other fundraisers, proving that a strong partnership between gift officers and prospect researchers is a…
Decoding the New Tax Law: the Impact on Donors and Nonprofits
April 24, 2018|11:30am-1:30am|brown bag event
The recent federal tax reform has many of us in the non-profit world wondering—how will this affect us? Is fundraising about to get much more difficult? Or easier? What else will change for non-profits, outside of…